Thursday, May 04, 2006


my letter to corporate america

check out my article recently published in worthwhile magazine...and if you like it get yourself a subscription to this great mag.

this article was a blast to write, and so far i've gotten great feedback on it. hope you enjoy it as well. as always feel free to post your comments here.

dream big,

Congratulations! That was the first issue of WORTHWHILE I've read, and I was floored.

I read your blog regularly, but somehow the name and the photo didn't quite click until I read the URL in the bio at the end. Needless to say, I re-read the article immediately after I realized it was someone whose work I already follow.

Great article, in any event! There is a whiny, "We've been had!" tone of so much of the twentysomething career literature that I (as a twentysomething myself) find repulsive; you managed, as usual, to hit the right notes--explaining what we're about and how to get more out of us, without a hint of whininess. Great work!
Kirsten as your mother I am, of course, extremely proud of you. The article is wonderful and the information accurate and insightful. As a woman in her 50's who has spent many years in the work force, I would say that your advise is not only timely for twentysomethings but for the workforce in general. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and I think part of the problem is the fact that we are asked to fit into predesigned position and then stuck there whether the fit is a good one or not. I would love to see companies design positions around their employees strengths and giftings, allow us to be more creative and stretch and grow. I think we all be alot more fulfilled and productive.

Great article, I can't wait for the next one. You always make me proud!

Very, very well written, and very astute and insightful. Congratulations!

I read your article in the recent issue of Worthwhile and your insights blew me away. You have a level of wisdom beyond your years. I am 31, and graduated from college during the recession. Suddenly, all the rules had changed, and the things I was promised would be my reward for hard work and a college degree were nowhere in sight. The place where I work wants yes men, not creativity and insight, so I do some freelance writing on the side. Unfortunately, this isn't enough to pay the bills. Anyway, I hope corporate America reads your article and realizes the value they have in their young employees, will play to their creative strengths, and won't turn them into younger versions of themselves.
thought you may enjoy what I wrote about your article at

I hope you can relate to what I write about Generation G on my blog...
Hey - I just came across your article - I was stunned about your quote work to live vs. live to work. I say it all the time (I'm 25 and ready to do something I'm passionate about rather than just get a paycheck!) Thanks for putting a voice to our generation.
True that! You hit it right on the head! Working at a bank with so many traditions and policies that "cannot" be changed, it was refreshing to read this article which so accurately describes corporate America and their acceptance of twenty-somethings! I'm 26 years old and approach each day with endless creativity! Thanks, Kristen! ~Melissa
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