Monday, January 01, 2007


new blog

it's been nearly six months since i've posted. i love this blog. it gave me a reason to write, a motivation to write, and a venue to do it. but as time passed i began to feel i said what i had to say, and as the focus of my life and my work began to shift i stopped posting.

since then i've often missed blogging, missed the regularity, the community. but i couldn't see myself picking it up again at dream big. i felt the need for a new space. a new place to share my thoughts. finally, today i decided to go for it. it seems fitting to start a new blog on the first day of a new year. a new space to write, to remember and to dream.

my new blog has no real connection to this blog, beyond the fact that it is written by me. dream big has always been a blog for others, while it certainly fed my soul, i created it as a space to inspire, to share hope and to encourage others to dream. i'm creating my new blog, age nine, for me. so that i can write. it exists for that reason and that reason alone.

with that said, i welcome all of my readers. this blog may not be for you, but just as dream big fed my soul perhaps age nine will feed yours.

happy new year,

Thursday, June 22, 2006


summer sabbatical

how quickly a month passes...hard to believe it's been that long since i last posted. noticing that fact prompted me to let you all know that i am taking a blogging sabbatical. i may still post, who knows maybe i'll even post more, but i want to give myself permission to take a break as i am thinking about working on some different writing projects.

i love being a blogger, i love the opportunity to share my thoughts, to be in coversation with people and to make connections with folks from around the world. i thank each and every one of you who has read my blog for your part in creating that experience with me.

as always if you have thoughts or comments feel free to post 'em here or send me an email.

dream big,

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


life as a catalyst for change

what if rather than spending time thinking about the ways you wanted to shift things in your life, or all the things you were doing wrong, you set out to create a life that by its very structure would move you in the direction you desire.

this is an idea i've been pondering lately - life as a catalyst for change. i think the key difference in taking this approach is that rather than being reactive, we are proactive. and rather than focusing on what's wrong we build what's right.

so for example, if one of your difficulties is that you find yourself spending too much time in front of the tv munching on fritos, rather than take the approach that you need to "correct" this behavior you change the set-up all together. you find some activity that is so fun & engaging that you will be readily lured from the tv: a dance class, a volleyball team, a book group, a political party.

if you struggle with feeling isolated you set your life up so that you have almost no time alone. perhaps you can't figure out how to relax so you build in activities which force you to slow down, like walking to the corner store when you need groceries.

we have a great many choices to make in our lives, some of which we forget are choices. sometimes i find that choosing a theme that will move your life forward can be a helpful guide to making those choices, themes like: closeness & connection, silliness & fun, adventure & reflection, relaxation & mindfulness. then you get busy setting up your life to be all about that theme.

my recent decision has been to build my life around the theme of 'creating space'. just choosing this theme has led to different decisions being made about how i spend my time and what activities i prioritize. it's meant more reading, napping and hanging out with friends and it's having the impact i'd hoped it would: i'm enjoying the spaciousness and when i am working i'm enjoying that more too.

what would it look like for you to set your life up as a catalyst for change?

what would be the first steps in building that life?

as always, i'd love to hear your thoughts!

dream big,

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


growing old or growing up?

my mom recently wrote a poem that reflects many of my dearest held beliefs about what it means to become an "adult" and how big we can decide to make our lives no matter what age we are.

check it out, and if you like the poem check out the link to my mom's blog below:

Growing Old or Growing Up?

It’s a strange thing, growing older.
I hear the concern in my children’s voices,
we want you to take care of yourself,
you shouldn’t do this or that, at your age.

They are unaware of how this sounds,
the impact of their words.
Keep in mind that you are growing older resonates.
They have no idea; I’m still busy growing up.

The young have no understanding of growing older,
perhaps, neither do the old.
Do we cross some mystical age barrier,
and are unwillingly escorted to the realm of old?

The voice I speak to myself with
is still a young girl, a young woman,
and at certain moments she remains a child
with a child’s delight or unbidden fears.

I am still learning to communicate with men,
themselves, young boys yet in many ways.
Hoping like some teenage girl
that I will someday meet the man of my dreams.

Dreams, and I have so many of them,
are yet to be fulfilled and eagerly sought after.
I continue to gain knowledge and wear fresh wisdom
hoping to someday know what I will be when I grow up.

So you may say I am growing old if you like,
but each new discovery that sprouts in my life
fills me with wonder and I dance with joy, knowing
I am not growing old, I am simply growing up!

Conni Struss Johnson

this poem so aptly states what i have found to be true - that as we grow older our impressions of adulthood shift. the assumptions we made as children are revealed to be just that: assumptions.

what if age were would your perception of yourself change?

do your definitions of adulthood need revision?

as always i'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to post them here!

dream big,

Thursday, May 04, 2006


my letter to corporate america

check out my article recently published in worthwhile magazine...and if you like it get yourself a subscription to this great mag.

this article was a blast to write, and so far i've gotten great feedback on it. hope you enjoy it as well. as always feel free to post your comments here.

dream big,

Sunday, April 16, 2006


approach is everything

i recently came across a quote from pat riley, an nba basketball coach, that says this:

"great effort springs naturally from great attitude"
a well stated truth in my experience. it made me think about how i have been approaching some of the goals in my life. what is my attitude about this endeavor or that project?

it's not something we are necessarily accustomed to paying attention to. we plan and strategize, we consult with others about the best methods or the right tools to go after what we want, but we don't always remember to choose the proper attitude.

and even when we do think ahead and choose an attitude that is likely to inspire us and move us forward, it often fades away as we delve deeper into our project and encounter road blocks or u-turns.

if you find yourself dreading working on that project you wanted to add joy and excitement to your life, something might need adjusting. or if the goal you set for yourself last month which seemed like a great challenge now inspires boredom, perhaps your approach is not as effective as it might be.

what attitude are you taking to the current projects in your life?

where could your approach use adjusting?

as always i'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to post 'em here!

dream big,

Thursday, April 13, 2006


planting seeds

it's spring here in minnesota, and i've already got gardening on the brain. i love planting and watching things grow, it's such a rewarding endeavor. and as i think about the literal planting i'll soon be doing, it also brings to mind the other kind of seeds we plant in our lives.

networking is such a buzz word these days. but to me it seems more accurate to refer the activity of making connections and exchanging information as planting seeds.

it can be amazing to watch these seeds take root and grow. connections we made weeks, months or even years ago can surface in the present blossoming into amazing next steps along our path.

when you notice that this is true, it can change your perspective about meeting new people, about striking up conversations or handing someone your business card. we are so pushed in this culture of convenience to look for instant results that we can find ourselves dissapointed when an introduction doesn't yield immediate results. but if we view these encounters as planting seeds we can approach them in a whole new way.

when we remember that plants don't immediately spring forth in a garden, we can also notice that this is true in life. the efforts, endeavors and undertakings of today may not show their full impact until far into the future.

what seeds are you planting in your life?

what new developments have recently blossomed from the seeds you planted in the past?

where do you want to focus your cultivation for the future?

as always share your thoughts!

dream big & happy spring,

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