Friday, January 28, 2005


come dream with me

it's probably best to start by saying - welcome to dream big! i'm new at this blogging deal, but that said it is my intention to create a vibrant hot-spot of wild dreaming and big idea making here...and you are most definitely invited.

dream big, is a bigger project than this blog. it's a project to help people, and particulary people in their twenties, live big lives and follow their dreams. it includes my life coaching practice, a series of workshops to help folks identify their vision for a fabulous life and then take steps to make that vision real, and soon to come a website filled with juicy info, lots o' resources and other inspiring stuff. all of this is fresh & new, and i'll be sure to keep you posted as it develops.

in the meantime, i'd love to hear what your are dreaming about, what inspires you and all about your efforts to think big and live your dreams.

-the girl with big dreams

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