Monday, January 01, 2007


new blog

it's been nearly six months since i've posted. i love this blog. it gave me a reason to write, a motivation to write, and a venue to do it. but as time passed i began to feel i said what i had to say, and as the focus of my life and my work began to shift i stopped posting.

since then i've often missed blogging, missed the regularity, the community. but i couldn't see myself picking it up again at dream big. i felt the need for a new space. a new place to share my thoughts. finally, today i decided to go for it. it seems fitting to start a new blog on the first day of a new year. a new space to write, to remember and to dream.

my new blog has no real connection to this blog, beyond the fact that it is written by me. dream big has always been a blog for others, while it certainly fed my soul, i created it as a space to inspire, to share hope and to encourage others to dream. i'm creating my new blog, age nine, for me. so that i can write. it exists for that reason and that reason alone.

with that said, i welcome all of my readers. this blog may not be for you, but just as dream big fed my soul perhaps age nine will feed yours.

happy new year,

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