Sunday, April 16, 2006


approach is everything

i recently came across a quote from pat riley, an nba basketball coach, that says this:

"great effort springs naturally from great attitude"
a well stated truth in my experience. it made me think about how i have been approaching some of the goals in my life. what is my attitude about this endeavor or that project?

it's not something we are necessarily accustomed to paying attention to. we plan and strategize, we consult with others about the best methods or the right tools to go after what we want, but we don't always remember to choose the proper attitude.

and even when we do think ahead and choose an attitude that is likely to inspire us and move us forward, it often fades away as we delve deeper into our project and encounter road blocks or u-turns.

if you find yourself dreading working on that project you wanted to add joy and excitement to your life, something might need adjusting. or if the goal you set for yourself last month which seemed like a great challenge now inspires boredom, perhaps your approach is not as effective as it might be.

what attitude are you taking to the current projects in your life?

where could your approach use adjusting?

as always i'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to post 'em here!

dream big,

Kirsten - I find this to be VERY true. The better your attitude, the more willing you are to put the effort into your work, your relationships, and your life.

I try to smile as much as I can, both inside and out, and it helps me give everything I do everything I have. This quote is a value of mine, and it sounds like one of yours as well. Thanks for sharing it!
Kirsten, Congrats on your blog, it's truly excellent! I learned about you in an article from a business magazine (forgot which one, I read too many!).

My sister Zoonie and I launched recently Talentelle ( to help women's career. Perhaps we can collaborate in the future?

Meanwhile, keep up the great job! :-)

This is very true, Kirsten. Coincidentally I talk about this topic as well at one of my blogs. :) Your attitude is definitely important in determining the outcomes and what appears in your life!
People really underestimate the importance of attitude. You have the power to shape the way you think and feel about a particular situation, and something negative that occurs in your life or career can't take that away from you.
I've had about 6 bad days in the last 4 years.



This stuff works.

Later K
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