Monday, March 06, 2006


your best thinking

yesterday, i came across a quote by harvey jackins, the founder of the peer counseling organization i am a part of, that i found quite challenging and inspiring. it says this:

if you even borrow, as a formula for now, what you did yourself last week, you've quit thinking.

quite a concept. to really think that actively in each moment about what the absolute best response is to the present situation - never substituting thoughts or conclusions made in the past for your up the minute best thinking. imagine how different life might be!

moreover, while the quote points out that we are often pulled to substitute past thinking for present thinking it doesn't even touch on the fact that we often substitute our thinking with the thinking of others, or of what's "normal".

and the plain fact is, we are the people best equipped to think about and live our lives. no one else's thinking is as specifically tailored to our life as our own, and no past thought includes as much valuable data as our most recent thoughts do.

imagine if each time someone asked you your opinion on something, you stopped, thought about it and then answered with your most up to date perspective on that particular subject?

challenging ourselves to really think in this way, to engage our brains and not go on auto pilot is a not just an interesting concept. it's a means to shaping our lives into what we truly want them to be. because so long as we hold back our current thinking, rough draft quality as it might be, we cheat ourselves of creating the biggest life we can presently imagine.

so what is your best thinking, right now at this exact moment?

and now?

as always, i'd love to hear your thoughts on thinking freshly in each new 'em here!

dream big,


I like this challenge to think freshly. It fits well with the best advice I've been following lately--to trust my thinking. The more I do it, the more I learn and the easier it becomes to be bolder in my thinking.

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