Sunday, March 12, 2006


a special link

as bloggers we speak fluently the language of the link. i link to your post, you link to mine. an intricate web of connections growing with time and building not just the content of these online expressions of ourselves but the community that exists between those that write them.

today i have the pleasure of passing along a special link. a link to my mom's new blog.

my mom is a brilliant writer and i owe much of my love for the craft of putting words together to form ideas and create meaning to her. ever since i started blogging i've been encouraging my mom to set up a blog of her own. this past week i finally prevailed and sat with her while she set up an account and wrote her first post!

she has decided to call it writer's tree. of course, as with all of life it's a work in progress so i won't give you any summary of what i think it's about or what it will become. i'll just say that if you like my blog and the ideas i put out to the world, then in part you already like my mom because i am who i am largely because of her being who she is. so, i hope you'll join me in saying...

welcome to the blogosphere mom!

dream big,

Thank you for the beautiful welcome and also for being diligent to continue encouraging me to start a blog. I will admit that I am really enjoying it and it has sparked an even greater drive for writing!
I love you very much.
so sweet a daughter...
nice blog ....
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