Friday, March 17, 2006


re-envisioning the familiar

this past week i started to feel the itch of spring fever, the desire for something different, something new...pretty soon i had developed a serious case of the travel bug. get me out of here i kept thinking, i want to be somewhere foreign, somewhere interesting, somewhere else.

the next morning, i awoke to 9 inches of fresh snow. spring time in minnesota is a lot like yo-yo. it's 55 degrees and sunny one day and the next there's a blizzard. as i got dressed to walk my dog, putting on layer upon layer of snow gear to prepare myself for the wintery mix i remembered a post i wrote last summer.

it was about keeping our "vacation perspective" even at home. about remembering that it's not the places we go on vacation that make it a vacation, it's the perspective we bring to the experience. when we are on vacation, we allow ourselves to slow down, we look around us, taking it all in and experiencing the awe of seeing new things.

as i stepped out my front door i realized i had gotten my wish. i was someplace new, someplace foreign. my whole world had been transformed overnight by this beautiful spring time blizzard. and while i wasn't seeing new things, i was certainly seeing them anew.

what would it mean for you to adopt the same relaxed, inspired and fun-filled vacation perspective in your day to day life?

what helps you re-envision the familiar in your world?

thought you might enjoy a snapshot from my vacation down the block, here's a photo i took while walking my dog.

dream big,

Beautiful photo, Kirsten. Almost makes me miss the prairies...I grew up a few hundred miles north of you, just across the the U.S.-Canada border, so those winter scenes are familiar. It's 60 degrees here (closer to the west coast) and sunny today, which takes the edge off the nostalgia.

I like this idea of reinvisioning the familiar. I think there's an element of that in my favorite activity -- mountain biking. Every time I go out, it feels like a discovery, an escape from the mundane.

Great post...
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