Wednesday, March 08, 2006


international women's day

today is international women's day. a day to notice the accomplishments of women in all facets of life. and therefore, if you are female, a day to notice your accomplishments. (and if you are not, a great occasion to notice the accomplishments of the women in your life.)

international women's day has been celebrated for nearly 100 years now, and has a long history of empowering women to take action on their own behalf and on the behalf of causes and ideas that are important to them.

as a feminist, and a degree holding student of women's studies, i have long been committed to women specifically and more broadly to people. to our full liberation from any oppression, stereotype or cultural construct that would keep us from being our brilliant and amazing selves. and thereby creating the brilliant and amazing world we all so desire.

this commitment has been expressed through a variety of activities throughout the years. this year, i am most proud of partnering with a friend to bring women together to talk. that simple. we got a group of women together to see the movie north country and then talk afterwards about sexual harassment and the overall mistreatment of women. it was amazing. turns out we don't often sit down and chat about our thoughts on these subjects, and thus creating a space to do this was immensely powerful.

what action, big or small, did you take this year to try and make the world what you want it to be?

what accomplishments do you want to recognize yourself, or the women in your life, for?

it's important to remember that celebrations like international women's day are not just for "those other women" who you see as being more powerful or influential than yourself. the day is what the name says it is, a day for women internationally to celebrate together who they are, what they have done and what they plan to do next!

dream big,

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