Monday, March 27, 2006


attention 20-something women...

michelle goodman, another great pal i've made through my adventures in the blogosphere is writing a book about women seeking alternatives to the 9-5 job.

she is looking for 20-something women who have alternative careers, as she defines below, to answer the questions she's listed...answer them yourself and feel free to pass them along to your girlfriends who might also be interested.

Author ISO 20-something women to share their alt career tales

Hi all,

My name is Michelle Goodman and I’ve written about alternative career paths for women in publications like
Bust, Bitch, and the Seattle Times. I’m completing work this spring on The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: A Handbook for Recovering Wage Slaves, a book that Seal Press will publish early in 2007. To round out my book, I’d love to hear from some more women in their 20s and early 30s who are either living, dreaming about, or transitioning to a non-9-to-5 work situation.

Maybe you’ve successfully transitioned from a soulless job or field to one you like more, or maybe you’re just getting started down that road. Maybe you’re a satisfied freelancer, moonlighter, side gigger, contractor, temp, permatemp, part-timer, job sharer, telecommuter, swing-shift worker, business owner, mompreneur, or non-profit founder. Maybe you’re an international worker (e.g. ESL teacher), adventure worker (e.g., rafting or climbing guide), or you only work half the year (but work 15-hour days when you do work—perhaps in the film industry or on a commercial fishing boat). Maybe you work in a male-dominated field (truck driving, firefighting, etc.) or in the trades (plumbing, construction, etc.). Or maybe you live in the country, off the grid, in a communal housing situation, or incredibly frugally, which means you get away with working for the man far less than most of us, if at all.

If any of this sounds like you, I’d love to hear about it. Write me at and tell me about yourself, your job, and how you live. Specifically, please tell me:

- Your full name (and if I can use it and all the following info in my book)

- Your age

- Where you live

- If you have dependents, a dual-income household, or are someone else’s dependent

- What your job is now—title, industry, how long you’ve done it, whether you work in an office or at home, for a company or yourself, what you did for work before, if you like your job now, and why you enjoy it

- How you got into the work you do now—did you have to convince your company to let you work from home, did you have to save up money for three years to open your own business, did you work a day gig while starting your freelance business on the side, and so on

- The pros of doing the work you do, and the cons

- If applicable: The obstacles you had to overcome to get into this job—be it starting at the bottom in a new industry at age 28, overcoming great financial hurdles such as incurring grad school or other debt to get where you are, working two jobs (and consequently 80 hours a week) till your side gig started paying for itself, overcoming sexism (or other prejudice) or lack of social support as you made your way into your new field, or any other challenges you met

- Your advice to women in their 20s and early 30s who want to get into the work you do

Your answers don’t have to be long. (A paragraph or less will suffice for each question, though I won’t hold it against you for being verbose!) Please also let me know where I can email or call you to confirm any additional details at a later date. I’d love to hear from people by May 15 if possible. The sooner, the better, of course. ;)

Thank you so much, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at Please know that it may take a little while for me to respond.

Thanks again,

Here might be a cool source for interviews:

Nominations are closed, but it's an amazing and inspiring show of the huge number of smart and savvy young women actively trying to make the world a better place.
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