Friday, February 24, 2006


taking breaks

i haven't posted in some time. life has been more than a little tumultuous and simply necessitated taking a break.

at first i felt pulled to be hard on myself, every time my mind would clear enough to think of my blog i'd feel this tug of guilt "i should be writing." but the reality was that i really needed a break.

and in the end i was very glad i actually took it. letting myself focus on what i really needed to meant that i got to experience it more fully, that i got to learn the lessons that were presenting themselves to me, and that i came out of the experience more ready to move on to what life has in store next.

so often i think we are trying to second guess life. we want to decide for ourselves what should or shouldn't be happening to us at this point in the process. and it's not that we don't get to be intentional and set our lives up to lead to our greatest fulfillment, but life is a journey and the twists and turns are not under our control. after all, if they were we would rarely learn much of anything.

following life's lead and letting yourself go with the flow is often the most rewarding decision, even if at the time it feels unproductive or out of sync with your plans.

what interesting twists or turns has life offered you recently? have you allowed yourself to follow them, without guilt or too much frustration with the change in plans? most importantly, what have you learned from the journey?

as always i'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to post 'em here!

dream big,

Hi there,

Found your blog by searching for other RCers out there. What a thoroughly pleasant blog! It's a nice contradiction to a lot of stuff.

Keep using that smart brain of yours!
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