Saturday, January 28, 2006


my blog's birthday

i wasn't sure if i wanted to write a post about the fact that my blog is now one year old...perhaps in part because it seems to be standard protocol in the blogosphere to note these kinds of milestones and i didn't want to do it just because it's the thing to do. but when i came across this quote today i realized what it was that i wanted to say on this my first annivesary as a blogger.

the quote is from isaac asimov:

The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.

i love it. it resonates completely with my life experience, and in particular with the experience of writing this blog.

when i set out to start a blog my purpose was solely to promote my coaching practice. i figured i'd enjoy the writing, but mostly i wanted to get my ideas out into the world in the hopes of connecting with people who would be interested in using my coaching services to help them find and follow their dreams.

as it turned out i've fallen (back) in love with writing. i've started to call myself a writer for the first time and i'm finding that there are far more ways to offer coaching to the world than in a one on one session. it's been a tremendous experience of unfolding and the delight truly has come from the finding out.

this blog has given me a space both to coach and to be coached. following my own advice and the advice of my brilliant blogging pals has moved my life forward on many fronts.

building community in the blogosphere has allowed me to come in contact with so many amazing, interesting and generous people. finding out about them has also been a true delight.

i am looking forward to another year of becoming, of unfolding of finding out and taking delight!

thank you to all of you who read my blog, who comment, and to all of my fellow's to another great year!

dream big,

Have a very happy day! Birthday's are so much fun, we should have one every day! So in honor of your blog's birthday, I get to celebrate.
Just linked to you. My kind of philosophy.
Happy blog birthday, Kirsten. It's a worthy accomplishment, I think.

I've found that blog birthdays have the same sort of value as real birthdays -- they remind you to reflect on how things are going and how you want them to go. I'll usually take the opportunity to go back and read a fair bit of what I've written and the experience is always enlightening.
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