Friday, January 06, 2006


i heart my job

i love when people make their goofy, fun, world changing ideas reality...and so i was thrilled to find out about scott ginsberg. scott's newest endeavor is making and distributing 'i love my job' pins.

as he states in his post about how to order the pins, he loves his job and loves the idea of people wearing these pins and sparking interesting and meaningful conversations. i'm planning to order a pin and see how the experiment unfolds...if you love your job you might also consider doing the same. scott is asking folks who order a pin to write to him with stories of what happens when people notice the pin and get to talking.

scott's post also made me think of what i'd put on a pin to start conversation? 'got dreams?' was the first one that popped into my mind.

what might you put on a pin? what are the questions and conversations that you want to spark?

as always post your thoughts here. and thanks to curt rosengren for the link to scott's site.

dream big,


Mine would say "Let's Make Our Small Talk BIGGER!"

Keep up the great work!

Hahhaha great idea, Jodee!

Check this out and see if it makes you wonder..BTW nice post..

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