Saturday, December 31, 2005


winter yin

my former yoga instructor who is also a good friend of mine recently sent an interesting article along with her monthly class schedule. it was about the natural cycle of the seasons and how the "holiday season" can often be very out of sync with the yin nature of winter.

the author of the article, which originally appeared in yoga journal, laurel kallenbach explains that:

Winter, the yin season, is a time for storing and conserving energy in the way a bear retains fat by hibernating, or a farmer stores food for the cold months ahead.
In agrarian cultures, people spend the shortest, darkest days indoors by the fire, eating warm, slow-cooked, nourishing food and sharing stories with their families.

unfortunately for those of us who celebrate holidays during the winter months, staying in touch with this yin mode of being can be difficult to do. and yet, as kallenbach goes on to say:

If you find quiet, more modest ways to celebrate the holidays, you'll stay in tune with the season and feel less need to release tension by overeating or rampant spending. You'll also have more time and energy to connect with close friends and family.

for most of us connecting with friends and family is ultimately what we hope to spend our holidays doing. deciding to be in a yin state during the winter months not only has the potential to make this happen, it also provides an opportunity for slowing down and recharging our batteries as we head into the new year.

what would it mean for you to bring more yin into your life?

i'd love to hear your thoughts about winter yin, feel free to post them here!

dream big,

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