Monday, October 31, 2005



what a month! as i reflect on all that october has brought my way, i'm impressed with myself and ready for a month (or more) of reflection to catch up with all that has happened. the biggest thing i'm noticing as i think about all of my adventures, learnings and new schemes and ideas is that change is truly the only constant in our lives.

while i've heard people say things like this before, things like - "change is the only thing you can truly count on." i've never fully gotten it in the personal sense, it's never resonated in my life, until now. over the last few months, as i've been heading in new directions and back towards some old ones i'd abandoned - what has become entirely clear is that not only is there no "final destination" even the illusion of firmly planting your feet is just that - an illusion.

there is no standing still in this life. no reaching a conclusion, or neatly tying things up with a bow. we are constantly evolving, growing and learning. there is simply no way around it. in fact, i'm now noticing that even during the times in my life when i have felt stagnant and uninspired growth has nonetheless been my constant companion. i may not be able to see it until i look back in retrospect, but it was happening all along.

thinking about change in this new way - as something that is always happening and will always happen - gives me a great sense of peace. it removes the pressure to "be in control" and instead leads me to take actions that will simply guide or frame the changes that will inevitably come.

in reading about change, i've found this quote as both a challenge to let go and a comfort that we are all in this together:
All is change; all yields its place and goes.

how do you approach change?

what might shift in your life if you saw change as ever present rather than occasional and jarring?

as always, send your thoughts my way via post or email!

dream big,

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