Thursday, October 20, 2005


balance in motion

in one of my yoga classes last month my instructor had us do a balancing pose where we kept our lifted leg in motion the entire time we were in the pose. mastering balance, he pointed out, happens when we can find balance even while in motion.

these last few weeks, i've been up to big things. leading in new ways, in bigger ways and in more personal ways. it's been exhilarating, exhausting and overall taking a major toll on any sense of balance in my world.

some of you may have noticed that i've been posting less, my partner has noticed that i've been home less, and i've noticed that i've been feeling any semblance of calm less. reflecting on the state of my world, my mind brought me back to that yoga pose.

it reminded me that balance is really all about motion. while the pose my instructor had us do pushed us to stay balanced while making large movements, no balancing pose is ever held by being completely still. in fact being completely still is simply not possible for living human beings. it's not part of our repertoire.

in the same way, a balanced life is not something we arrive at, but something we create day by day. life requires motion to keep going, and thus a balanced life requires that we are in a constant state of adjusting and adapting to the motions of life.

i'm comforted by these thoughts, reminded that all is not lost. it's not as if a couple of weeks being full to the brim means that i have lost my balance completely, it simply means my adjustments have to be bigger. and getting back to yoga class would be a great place to start.

what helps you create a life of balance in motion? what adjustments do you need to make?

as always, i'd love to hear your thoughts, so post 'em here.

dream big,

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