Thursday, September 15, 2005


the station agent

it's not often that i see a movie that has a big enough impact on me that i want to write about it. but, the station agent, which i saw earlier this week was amazing, and i couldn't imagine not telling you about it.

you may or may not have heard of the film. it won a number of awards at the cannes film festival, including best screenplay. it was recommended to me by a friend a few weeks ago, she said simply that it was "a great story about friendship".

she was absolutely correct, the movie is just that. it's a phenomenal story about hanging in there with people, about finding friends in unlikely places and about the tenacity if often takes to make friendships a success.

watching it gave me new energy and excitement about my friendships. it got me thinking about the places we settle for less than we want in our relationships, and what it is that holds us back.

the boldness with which the characters in the movie pursue each other is inspiring. and it reminded me that often times embarrassing yourself, leaving your comfort zone, or pushing someone else outside theirs is simply the price to be paid in forging real connections.

what holds you back in your friendships?

what would your dream friendship be like? how would you feel, act, grow in it?

invite some friends over and see the movie, i think you'll be glad you did! and as always post your thoughts on friendship or reviews of the movie here!

dream big, -kirsten

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