Friday, August 19, 2005


what feeds you?

it's not an accident when our lives go well. on the contrary, our lives go well when we are well fed - on all levels - physcially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, etc.

i've mentioned before that i am part of a book group that is reading the book take time for your life by cheryl richardson. the book has got some great thinking in it about ways to live bigger, fuller lives. one key point that richardson makes is that in order to live big we've got to fuel up. she has a wide range of suggestions for how to do that, and she encourages readers to come up with their own.

last week sometime i noticed that i was feeling rather uninspired. i wasn't unhappy or upset - but i wasn't great either. i'd taken on some extra hours at work and i assumed right away that that was the reason. i'm working too much. when i had a long weekend off and was still feeling the same way at the end of it i decided to explore the situation a bit further.

i took mental note of when this shift had occurred - when had i stopped feeling inspired by and excited about life? and then i reviewed the things that i was doing back when i was feeling inspired. i fairly quickly realized that there was a simple explanation for my feeling blah - i'd stopped feeding myself amply. my yoga practice had become inconsistent, i wasn't reading a novel and i hadn't spent any time in nature recently...aha!

doing what feeds us is worth making the time for. in fact it makes everything else we do more efficient and productive, because we can be more present and inspired while doing it.

what feeds you?

here's a sampling of my 'kirsten is well-fed when' list:
-i am in touch with and feel connected to the people i love
-i am reading a good novel
-i am writing and being creative
-i spend time being in and appreciating nature
-i'm having sweet connections & good sex with my partner
-i do yoga at least 2x per week
-i keep sacred time for myself and meditate regularly
-i go 'out on the town' and am around people

so what's on your list? think about the times when you feel most alive, when you can't stop the flow of creative juices...what are you spending your time doing during those periods? chances are it's no accident when your inspiration and creativity show up, it's simply when you are well fed.

as always share, share, share...i'd love to hear more ideas you have for ways to fuel yourself or any other thoughts on being well fed!

dream big,

Hi Kristen;
I am also inspired by you already know this blog.
What feeds me? What makes me well-fed?
- When I eat fresh food or my own cooking.
- When i shower the people i love with affection.
- When i meditate everyday.
- When my hair looks good
- Creating that feeling of being free in my life.
- a fragrant bath
- when i talk to my son or visit with my dad.
- when i keep track of what is going on with me by writing it down.
- love frendship and passion with my husband and beast friend.

creative ideas show up when i'm outside in the fresh air.
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