Wednesday, August 17, 2005


thinking big

i've written before about the importance of thinking big about our lives and what we want. we are all meant to be amazing, bigger than we can imagine. our brains are hard wired to think super big - if we give them the space to do so.

but thinking big definitely falls into the easier said than done category.

which is why i was excited to come across curt rosengren's recent post on a great site by a guy named michael port. he calls it the think big revolution. it's always affirming to come across other big thinkers and michael has included some brilliant big thinking ideas in his manifesto:

1. Have A Mad Passionate Love Affair With Yourself
2. Stop Seeking Validation From Others
3. Embrace The Power Of Intention
4. Always Act On Your Intuition
5. Feed Your Body, Mind and Spirit
6. Make Big, Bold Promises
7. Take Action Now
8. Design Environments For Bold Self-Expression
9. Think BIG With Others
10. Choose Your Teachers Wisely

this is a powerful list. just think what an impact doing even three or four of these things consistently would have.

what's your next step in think bigger about your life?

dream big,

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