Monday, August 22, 2005


take time for your life

last week in one of my posts i referenced a book i've been reading as part of a book group - it's called take time for your life and is by cheryl richardson. as i was writing the post, i thought of cheryl's seven "key points" which are the main message of the book. each of them has led to a ton of learning for me, and i decided they were definitely worth sharing here.

this is of course just a list, reading the book offers a much more in depth exploration of each of these ideas - and as cheryl suggests doing it with a group can have an even greater impact:

#1 - Learn to practice "extreme self care", put yourself at the top of the list and everyone else will benefit.

#2 - Get your priorities straight - if your schedule doesn't reflect your priorities, stop reacting to life and take control of what gets your time and attention.

#3 - Identify the things that drain you and eliminate them - people, places and things, once and for all.

#4 - Invest in your financial health - if you feel trapped by money, investing in your financial health will stop making you feel like a victim.

#5 - Kick the adrenaline habit - Identify the things that fuel you and discover new, healthy sources of energy.

#6 - Build community - learn how to surround yourself with high quality relationships that support, challenge and encourage you to be your best.

#7 - Honor your spiritual well-being - don't let life get in the way of you connecting to your inner wisdom and creating a personal practice.

what speaks to you on this list?

where do you need to take more time for your life?

as always i'd love to hear, feel free to post your thoughts and comments!

dream big, -kirsten

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