Monday, August 15, 2005


order up

last night i had the pleasure of attending a send off for a good friend of mine who is heading off to college. her mom organized this amazing evening for her, where a bunch of people in her community got to come together to love her up and cheer her on as she departs.

her mom, a super smart woman, decided that the evening would go better if the focus of the gathering wasn't on how badly all of us are going to miss my friend. i'm sure we've all been to going away parties that are a total downer because they end up having this very focus. instead her mom had us focus on all of us going out and creating the life we want - just as my friend is doing in heading to school. it was brilliant.

she offered a great analogy for us to consider in thinking about doing this creating. she suggested we treat thinking about our goals for our lives like putting in an order at a restaraunt. ask for exactly what you want - and expect that it will be delivered.

as we went around the room talking about what we wanted, she corrected each of us if we used any language like 'i'm hoping for' or even 'i want' - the correct statement is 'i'm having', just like you'd say if someone asked what you'd ordered for lunch.

the universe may not ask aloud 'what can i get you?' but if you let it know what you want, you may just find your order up.

what's on your order for your life? as always i'd love to hear what you are having!

dream big,

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