Wednesday, August 03, 2005


make a wish...

for the last six months or so i've been part of a great book group a friend of mine started to read the book take time for your life by cheryl richardson. while i must admit, as do all the members of my group, that the book is at times totally cheesy - it's also got a lot of great perspectives and ideas.

one that i've recently found intriguing is to as richardson calls it "make a wish list." as she says:

For decades, hundreds of books have been written about the power of thought to create physical reality. Thought becomes intention, this intention has power, and when you put this intention out into the world, your life starts to change - sometimes dramatically.

richardson goes on to encourage readers to make a list of three things they would most like to attract into their life. be specific she advises, and if what you really want is free rent, or $5,000 plus dollars - say so.

as a big believer in the power of intention i think this is a great exercise. in fact, i've got my wish list posted in the inside cover of my planner as we speak. so try it out, make your list, be specific and then post it somewhere you will see it often. remind yourself and the universe on a regular basis what is you intend to attract into your life. and keep me posted on the results!

dream big, -kirsten

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