Tuesday, August 02, 2005


celebrating our successes

my youngest brother, who is 19, returned home sunday night from a 45 day road trip. those of you who read my blog regularly may remember that i accompanied him on the first 10 days of the trip, which were amazing. well the adventure continued on all the way down the west coast, up the rocky mountains and back to minnesota.

this was an amazing trip, and it meant a lot to my brother. it was a trip that my brother has been planning and saving for for over a year. a trip that was in many ways a celebration of getting through a very tough period in his life and a chance to spend some time having a ton of fun before heading off to college. and he did it. not only did he return home sunday night, he did so having incurred no personal or vehicle damage and having received no speeding tickets. this trip was a complete success!

as such, i'm currently scheming a way to celebrate with him. i'm extremely proud of him for taking the trip and for seeing to it that it went as well as it did. so i plan to make some noise about this big success.

i think it's vital that we do this, that we help each other to remember to celebrate our successes. so often in life we accomplish something and move right on to the next thing on our list without taking the time to really notice what we've just done.

life can become mundane and overwhelming if we go through it accomplishing big things and never taking the time to properly acknowledge their completion. and it can be hard to keep wanting to head for the next goal if there is no celebration at the end to look forward to.

celebrating doesn't have to take any particular form, maybe it's calling someone up and congratulating them, or perhaps making them a great meal and chatting about their success over dinner, or maybe it's just sending a simple email. however you do it take the time to make note of success when you see it - big or small.

so take a look around, at your life and the lives of those you love, what do you have to celebrate?

dream big,

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