Monday, July 11, 2005


what is your art?

i recently came across this pablo picasso quote:

every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

in many ways this quote sums up why i work with people in their twenties. because i want us all to hold onto our art. i want that for everyone, but i think we as young adults have an opportunity to never let it leave us completely - to avoid having to regain it and instead retain it.

and when i read this quote i don't read 'art' as meaning only pen and paper or canvass and brush. perhaps your art is making people laugh, or writing poetry or face painting. our art is us. and more specifically it's the creative, alive part of us that often doesn't equate to value in the job market. the parts of us that our friends love us for and we often don't show enough of for fear of embarrassment.

while i have no simple solution to picasso's dilemma, i do have a suggestion: risk it.

next time you get together with friends and you think to yourself it sure would be fun to stage a play, fingerpaint, or go play in the rain - risk it...ask your friends to join you in your creative silliness and see what happens! i won't promise they'll say yes every time, but i will assure you you'll get more confident each time you ask and soon enough you'll find someone to join you in your adventures.

as always, send me your stories of art and adventure!

dream big,

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