Monday, July 25, 2005


honoring your ideas

i have tons of ideas. i don't know about you, but for me new ideas about things i could do, want to create, or would love to try pop into my head constantly. usually, on their first appearance in my brain my ideas seem ridiculous to me.

as such, i was thrilled for the inspiration from hanna's post today. she had a link to a website which contained this quote by albert einstein:

if at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no
hope for it.

wow! what if we used this as the test for our ideas - seems absurd, must be a good one!

the other test i'm finding useful these days is based on an idea's recurrence. i find that ideas that are meant to be brought to life keep returning to my brain. they find their way back through strange associations, perfect moments of serendipity or they show up in my dreams. when they return i have a great feeling of familiar excitement.

there is something about honoring our ideas, even the ones we have no intention of over making a reality, that i think is important. each of us brings something completely unique to the world and as such our ideas are unlike anyone else's. moreover, ideas combine the best of our brilliance - our creativity, curiosity and passion.

so my proposal: start a list. it doesn't have to be formal or even consistent. but when you've got a good idea, write it down. my idea list, which i started a few months back, is really fun to read over. i don't always remember to write stuff down, and my lists don't consistently end up in the same notebook, but when i sit down and read over the list i am instantly inspired and energized - by my own creativity.

got an absurd idea you feel like sharing, i'd love to hear!

dream big,

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