Wednesday, June 08, 2005


you are the foundation

over the past few months, i feel like life has been leading me to learn some simple lessons through its cyclical process. i think ultimately this is how life teaches us, we learn something and it stays at the front of our minds for a period of time. then, inevitably, we forget it. and then the next turn of events brings it back to the forefront. this process repeats itself until finally we have internalized this knowledge fully, until it is a part of us.

the lesson that i have most recently been reminded of is that it is entirely logical and totally necessary for me to be at the center of my life. it seems obvious, after all who else is my life about if not me, but i've found that this proves a hard lesson to live. we have so many things to do in life, responsibilities to fulfill, dreams to follow, people to love, that it's easy to forget us. to forget why we are doing all of these things.

after leading a tremendously successful workshop in april of this year, i was keeping in the front of my mind the question "what do i want to get out of this?" each time i approached a situation, a project or even just an evening hanging out with friends, i'd ask myself this question. it yielded great results. but as the weeks passed the question slipped from my mind and the lessson lost its impact. until this week, during a coaching session working on some frustration i'd been feeling about my business i had the realization that i had become so focused on my goals i had lost track of myself. the aha hit me - i've forgotten the question, what do i want to get out of this?

on the surface this may sound like a selfish question, but i would argue that it's actually a generous one. asking myself this question as i was preparing for and leading my workshop allowed me to lead for me and thus bring more of myself and my brilliance to the group. asking yourself what you want out of a situation allows you to be more open, more real and brings more energy and creativity to whatever it is you are undertaking. by honoring yourself you are able to honor others.

putting ourselves at the center of our lives not only allows us to more fully enjoy our life, it is essential if we plan to accomplish our goals. because in everything we set out to accomplish, we are the foundation we are building on. and when we honor ourselves we ensure that this foundation is solid.

so check-in with yourself, what is that you want out of the experiences you have? ask yourself the question, what do i want to get out of this? and then go for it! as always, i'd love to hear what comes of it.

dream big,


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