Thursday, June 09, 2005


outlandish dreams

a friend just sent me the link to this great website called the balloonhat experience.

the website is about two balloonhat experts who decided to travel around the world making balloon hats for people and taking their photos. it was an exploration in joy, as they say "the goal was to show people all over the world laughing and having fun, and to emphasize the fact that all human beings are born with the ability to experience joy." i highly reccommend you check it out, in particular the what is laughing portion of the site.

i love hearing stories like this. stories of people following their dreams, as outlandish as they might seem. deciding to do something and going for it - in spite of the lack of support or even discouragement of those around them. it's often hard for others to fully see the value of our vision, but choosing to trust our thinking and go for it can yield amazing results. in this case, it is bringing immense joy and beauty to the world.

so what's your outlandish dream? what is the world missing out on by you not going for it? as always, i'd love to hear.

dream big,


I found this fun website that your post reminded me of - enjoy!

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