Thursday, June 02, 2005



this morning i woke up feeling totally discouraged about the work i have set out to do in the world. while i felt confident that it was a passing funk, it got me thinking about what gets in our way as we go after our dreams.

i did a little browsing and came across this article on the top ten barriers to getting your dreams. it summed up perfectly where i was at, fearing the downward spiral into poverty while i compared myself with everyone around me and felt less and less capable and significant. yuck-a-roo!

after reading the article i glanced up at a quote i have hanging above my desk, which reads:

i have come to the frightening conclusion that i am the decisive element. it is my personal approach that creates the climate. it is my daily mood that makes the weather. i possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous.

it's a hard reality to argue with, especially when you are feeling completely crap-o-la and know that if you were to shift your perspective your entire world would shift with it. so i'm slowly changing gears and shifting my point of view.

it won't be an immediate shift because there is a definite prerequisite of releasing some frustration, probably some screaming and crying about how hopeless it all feels. (which, by the way, i highly recommend as you move through your own big bad barriers. it's great to realize that your perspective doesn't reflect reality but if the feelings are there and you don't feel them now - they'll be back!)

once that's complete i'll head towards reality, and the knowledge that i will get my dreams - obstacles be damned!

dream big,

You WILL get your dreams, Kristen! You're a pro with a lot of heart and soul...I know! :) Hang in there.
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