Sunday, May 22, 2005


building community

as my "launch party" post stated, yesterday my two girlfriends and i had our grand opening celebration! it was a tremendous success and another reminder of my biggest goal of all - building community.

as i looked around the party there were many moments when i was pleased to see so many of the people that i love - my family, close friends and their friends and family - enjoying eachother and the chance to support us. it was a refreshing reminder that people are not actually as we often see them portrayed on screen and in stories selfish and self-absorbed. on the contrary, our party was evidence that most people are more than willing, in fact thrilled to have the chance to celebrate, support and encourage others.

to get to see our community around us, the people who have shaped us and helped us get to where we are today, supporting us as we each take the leap into business ownership was just what i needed. a reminder that we are far from alone and that help is waiting to be offerred if only we ask.

as i write these words i'm certain that some of you reading them are thinking, well that's great for her, but my life is nothing like that. my inquiry for you is - are you sure? when was the last time you asked for help, or offered your help to another in support of something they truly wanted. community doesn't just appear out of thin air, but i think it is around us more strongly than we can tell. and if it's not, build it. i know you can. seek out people who will support and encourage you and will allow you to do the same in return.

in this culture of individualism and constant praise of independence i am pleased to say that i live an interdependent life. one where the things i do are all done through the support and assistance of many people. and i consider myself totally blessed to be getting to take on this project - dream big - so that i can offer my support and encouragement to an ever broader crew of folks.

dream big,

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