Thursday, March 17, 2005


if kermit can do it...

have you seen the 'pass it on' billboards around? they're the ones on bus stops and along the road with the inspiring messages. they are put out by this great organization called the foundation for a better life -

well this kermit billboard is on a bus stop near my house and i pass by it regularly. i love the message. and i always think to myself, if kermit can do can i! it reminds me that being cool or looking good isn't what is actually required for success. kermit is always just being his goofy self, and it is an undeniable fact that he's a hollywood star.

in fact, the more i think about kermit the more i realize that his silly, singing, joke telling ways are the exact things that make him appealing. what if we applied this to ourselves? what if we were unabashedly ourselves all the time. if we did whatever our equivalent of 'eats flies and dates a pig' are and trusted that we'd still end up reaching our dreams. or even went so far as to believe that this would be the exact thing to catapault us toward our dreams.

i actually think this is true. being your authentic self, and letting your inner - fingerpainter, music lover, computer geek - or whatever you've got inside out into the open for all of us to see is actually the key to success. how can we succeed with whole parts of ourselves shut away where no one sees them? and more importantly do we want to?

being our full selves, full-out is what life is all about. so i challenge you and me, to start showing more. to be more real, and let it all hang out. to not dismiss our passion for old movies, riding horses, or playing trivia games as silly...but to embrace every fly eating, pig dating part of ourselves as just right.

it sure does sound like more fun, doesn't it? as always, i'd love to hear what you try and how it goes!

dream big,

Awesome post, awesome blog!
kirsten....kermit is more than a muppet...he represents everything Jim Henson dreamt for...all the good in the world...all the good in people...if you have any idea where a person can purchase items relating to the dream campaign...please email me at

Hey Kristen...Kermit drew me to your site...and I got inspired. Check out my billboard!

Here's to being brave, bold, spontaneous and dreaming big!!!!
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