Thursday, February 10, 2005


what do you really want?

recently, i had a huge ephiphany about my life. i don't really want my career to be at the center of it. wow. this may sound simple to some of you...of course our friends, family and having fun are more important than our career...but for me this was revolutionary (and i imagine i'm not alone on this one). i reached this realization by being asked over and over again, what do you really want?

it's a question worth asking yourself, what do you really want?

imagine the shift it could make in your life if you really knew. for me, the decision to put my family, friends and having fun before my career has affected a multitude of things, from determining how many hours i want to work a week to what i spend my brain power strategizing about.

and think about it, why wouldn't you ask yourself this question. this is your life, right here, right now. what we really want, is well, what we really want. so why wouldn't we go after it? and i'll admit things do get in the way, we are constantly bombarded with things to do, people to see, and places to be. but if you take the time to slow down and answer this question...all of your decisions about what things to do, which people to see, and what places you want to be in, could suddenly be guided by what you really want.

so, try it. ask a friend and then have them ask you, or ask yourself and journal about your answers.

and when you are asking, trying putting the emphasis on different words in the sentence each time you ask..what do i really want? what do i really want? what do i really want?

most importantly have fun! and whatever you come up with, i'd love to read your answers, so feel free to post 'em here!

dream big,

Hi Kirsten - I came across your blog on the Minnesota blogs list...I'm on there too. Anyway, as I was scrolling down your blog and got to this post, my jaw dropped because I wrote about this same exact thing the other day (this is happening to me a lot lately w/ other bloggers too!). Anyway, here's a link to my "what do i want" epiphany:
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