Thursday, April 13, 2006


planting seeds

it's spring here in minnesota, and i've already got gardening on the brain. i love planting and watching things grow, it's such a rewarding endeavor. and as i think about the literal planting i'll soon be doing, it also brings to mind the other kind of seeds we plant in our lives.

networking is such a buzz word these days. but to me it seems more accurate to refer the activity of making connections and exchanging information as planting seeds.

it can be amazing to watch these seeds take root and grow. connections we made weeks, months or even years ago can surface in the present blossoming into amazing next steps along our path.

when you notice that this is true, it can change your perspective about meeting new people, about striking up conversations or handing someone your business card. we are so pushed in this culture of convenience to look for instant results that we can find ourselves dissapointed when an introduction doesn't yield immediate results. but if we view these encounters as planting seeds we can approach them in a whole new way.

when we remember that plants don't immediately spring forth in a garden, we can also notice that this is true in life. the efforts, endeavors and undertakings of today may not show their full impact until far into the future.

what seeds are you planting in your life?

what new developments have recently blossomed from the seeds you planted in the past?

where do you want to focus your cultivation for the future?

as always share your thoughts!

dream big & happy spring,

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